Imam Hamzat College of Education was established in Sept. 2018 after a provisional approval was granted by the NCCE. The institution was founded by a recognized Islamic Cleric, Fadhilat Sheikh Imam Hamzat Yusuf Abdulraheem.

The objective that led to the establishment of this institution is to promote research and development that contribute to the production of professionally skilled academically sound and intellectually fit teachers that would propel the Nigeria educational system to higher height that would meet up with the dynamics of the society and global expectation.

The College has a Governing Council made up of eighteen (18) members.  The Council is responsible for general supervision and control of the College.  There is a Provost, who is the administrative and academic head of the College. He is responsible for the execution of policy decisions of the Council.  The Provost is assisted in his schedule of duties by a Deputy Provost appointed by the Governing Council.

The College Registrar, Bursar, Librarian and Director of Works are the other Principal Officers of the College appointed by the College Council; they assist the Provost in the running of the affairs of the College.

The College has an Academic Board, with the Provost as the Chairman.  He is supported by the Deputy Provost, Dean of Schools, Directors of Centres/Units, Heads of Departments/Units and all Chief Lecturers (who are not Deans or Directors or Heads of Departments).

The Academic Board assists the Provost and the Council on the direction and management of academic matters, the students’ regulations, and awards of certificates.

The College was granted provisional approval by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Abuja in 2018 to produce classroom teachers for the primary and junior secondary schools in all subjects as approved by the Commission.