Communication within the College:

Students are advised to use the following channels of communication in conveying their grievances/issues affecting them.

  1. Academic problems are handled by Academic Advisers or Head of Department
  2. Problems related to the welfare of students in the halls of residence are handled by the Dean, Students Affairs/Students Affairs Officer through the various Hall Advisers through their respective hostel representatives.
  3. Problems relating to the Library should be handled by the Librarian.
  4. Any other crucial problem affecting the general welfare and discipline of students should be brought before the Students’ Welfare Committee through the Dean, Students Affairs.

Communication with outside bodies including the Press:

  1. Students organizations or individual students who wish to issue a press release or to address press conference must make copies of the release available to the Provost through the Dean Students Affairs for comment and approval before the release is made or the conference is held.
  2. Communications from Students’ organizations or the Students to government officials must pass through the Provost’s Office, via the Dean Students Affairs.
  3. Students’ organizations or individual students wishing to utilize the mass media for publicity purpose must first obtain the approval of the Provost through the Dean Students Affairs.
  4. Individual students or student’s association who wish to have access to the Provost or who wish to write requesting for or petitioning against anything should do so through their Heads of Department to the Dean Students Affairs.  This system quickens rather than delay action.
    1. On the purely academic matter, the step should be through the Head of Department to the Dean of School to the Deputy Provost and where necessary, to the Academic Board.
    2. Students’ problems related to non-academic departments such as the Estate, Medical and Bursary etc should pass through the Dean Students Affairs.
    3. On welfare matters, students are encouraged to channel all requests through the proper officials of the students union to the Dean Students Affairs.