There is a provision for library services in the College.  The library operates throughout the lunar calendar in accordance with the following schedule listed below:

  1. Opening hours Mondays-Saturdays 8.00am-10.00pm
  2. The library is closed on Public Holidays and Sundays

Eligibility for Use of the Library:

  1. Council members of the College, Senior Staff, and their families and students of the College on the recommendation of their Head of Department.
  2. Junior staff and outsiders on the recommendation of the College Librarian


  1. All students and members of staff must be registered with the library. Students will be registered for a period of three years and any extension thereafter they will have to re-register. 
  2. All registered readers will be issued with borrowing tickets. They shall always show their identity cards before they are allowed into the library and before they can be allowed to borrow books.
  3. All students shall be registered on payment of a registration fee. In the event of a loss of borrowing tickets, a full charge of the cost of the tickets shall be paid for replacement.

Loan of Books:

  1. All registered readers must present their College I.D. cards and the borrower’s tickets at the circulation desk before books are issued on loan to them.
  2. Because of the limited number of books in the library at present, students and others are allowed to borrow only two (2) books and senior staff (4) four books. The number can be increased as the collection increases.
  3. Readers are held responsible for loss of all books borrowed by them.

Period of Loan:

  1. Students and other readers will retain books borrowed for only two (2) weeks while council members and Senior Staff will retain books for three (3) weeks.
  2. Books on loan may be renewed if they are not required by other readers.
  3. All books must be returned to the library on the Friday before the College breaks to long vacation. Readers wishing to borrow during vacation must have their application approved by the College Librarian.

Reserved Books:

Books in constant demand by readers are the open shelves and placed in the Reserved Room.  They are to be consulted in the Research Room on two (2) hourly bases.  The purpose is to ensure that all concerned have an equal chance to read them.  A list of reserved books is kept at the counter.

Reservation of Books:

Readers can reserve books which have been taken out on loan at the circulation desk by completing a Reservation form.

Reference Books and Serials:

            Reference books and Serials are available for consultation only.  They should not be removed from the Serials Section or from the Library except with the permission of the College Librarian.

Care and Use of Library Materials

  1. Readers are held responsible for any damage to library materials loaned to them. These include marking, writing, and underling, cutting or damaging the materials in anyway.  Readers will be required to pay the full cost of repairs or replacement normally not exceeding the cost of the books.
  2. Borrowers should report at once at loss or damage of any materials of the College Librarian. In the case of loss, the borrower will be required to pay the prevailing cost of the material(s).
  3. Any Library user found guilty of removing library books without permission shall be expelled from the school in case of students, and reported to the appropriate disciplinary committee in case of staff.


Any library user who retains borrowed books after the permitted period will be liable to a fine of N1,000 per day for each book for students and N2,000 for Staff


  1. Orderly conduct must be observed in and around the Library. Strict silence must be preserved in the reading rooms.
  2. Brief cases, umbrellas, luggage and other personal effects must be kept at the library’s entrance at the owner’s risk.
  3. Smoking and eating are not allowed in the reading rooms.
  4. Readers leaving the library will be required to present themselves for searching by the Library security staff at the library’s entrance.
  5. Reading tables and chairs must not be removed from their positions.
  6. Readers shall not reserve seats in the library. Those seats reserved shall be taken over by other readers.


  1. The College Librarian reserves the right to suspend or exclude from the use of the library any person who, owing to disregards of these regulations or for adequate causes is considered to be unfit to use the Library. The College Librarian will report his action to the Library Committee.
  2. Suspended reader may appeal to the Library Committee


All students and members of staff leaving the College must be cleared by the Library.


            There shall be an office of Alumni in the College to be headed by ex-student with schedules and other staff for the office.