The College maintains a tradition of vigorous free Students Press and deliberately encourages responsible freedom of expression and speech.  All Students’ Publications are undertaken by and for the Students under a minimum control or assistance by the College Authorities.  Unauthorized publications are not acceptable to the College.  All Students’ publication must carry the name of the Organization responsible for its publication.  All students’ publications must state explicitly on the editorial page that the opinions expressed therein are not those of the College or its Students’ body as a whole.

The following types of publications are prohibited on the Campus and are subject to disciplinary action:

  1. Publications that are libellous and/or slanderous,
  2. Publications which are obscene
    1. Publications which incite violence
    2. Publications which are not properly titled
    3. Publications which are anonymous.

Rules Governing Students’ Publications

     The following general regulations shall govern all students’ publications:

  1. All applications for registration of any publication should first pass through the Student’s Union before reaching the College Authority.
  2. Proof of all students publications whether Magazines, News Bulletin, Periodicals, Letter to the Press, T.V. or Radio must be submitted to the College Authority through the Dean, Students’ Affairs Office for approval at least 72 hours before printing or releasing same for public consumption.
  3. Clubs and Societies should always send three copies of their publications to the Library with a covering letter at no cost to the Library or the College.
  4. Any student elected as Students’ Union Official shall relinquish his/her elective post in any club or society he/she belongs to: The student can however keep his membership of the club or society.
  5. Only registered Students’ Organizations of which the College has authority over their constitution may produce any publication or printed matter bearing the name of the College or purporting to emanate from it. Printed matters published by students may be sold on the campus only if it produced or sold by registered students’ organizations and must be marked “For Internal Circulation Only”.
  6. All students’ publications must state clearly on the editorial page that the opinions expressed therein are not those of Imam Hamzat College of Education, Ilorin or its entire students’ body and must carry the names of the organizations responsible for the publication and individual names of the members of the editorial boards and their addresses.
  7. Each article must bear the names of the authors.
  8. Any students’ organization that publishes, sells, or distributes printed or otherwise reproduce materials including and matter arising as to libel, deformation or incitement etc will be banned from any further operational activities.
  9. No Magazine, Newsletter or Periodical, Cartoons, Handbills etc, shall be circulated in or outside campus without prior approval of the Dean, Students’ Affairs. Any publication circulated without prior approval in writing shall be subjected to disciplinary action.
  10. Notice, handbills and publications are placed only at the approved notice boards and not on walls of building or rooms.
  11. Any student or students found guilty of publishing or causing to be published any article(s) with intent to tarnish the image of a fellow student or students or the institution other than enlighten, educate or entertain, shall be subjected to suspension or expulsion depending on the gravity as shall be determined by the Central Disciplinary Committee.


Students’ Press Council

The Council has the powers to ensure that in expressing its independent opinions and views, students’ publications and journals keep within the tenets of responsible journalism such as avoidance of libel, indecency, undocumented allegations, attacks on the personal integrity and the techniques of harassment and innuendo.  The Press Council has jurisdiction over all students’ publications without prejudice to the power of Students Welfare Committee on the matter.

Use of College Facilities: General Regulations

  1. The college multipurpose halls or lecture rooms may be reserved by registered organizations and bonafide individuals with the permission of the College Registrar or his designated representative in accordance with the regulations pertaining to it.
  2. Application for use of College Sporting facilities must be made through the Sports Officer.
  3. All persons or organizations are treated strictly on equal basis of “First-Come-First Served” in granting of permission to use the College facilities. The official College activities, programmes and events are given precedence over all other persons and organizations.  All persons and organizations granted permission for the use of any College facility shall be held responsible for any damage.
  4. No reservation may be regarded as finalized until notification has been received in writing from the Office of the Registrar that arrangements have been approved as to time, place and manner.
  5. College facilities may only be used by non-College members or organization with the prior approval of the College Registrar, and for the purposes only which are compatible with the functions of the College. Such people or organizations may be required to pay for the use of the facility.
  6. College facilities must not be used for the purpose of carrying out any unlawful activities.
  7. Users requiring special arrangements, equipment or staffing will be required to pay in accordance with the rates charged by the department concerned.
  8. In order to ensure that College activities are conducted in an orderly manner. Deans of School/Heads of Department and Hall Masters/Mistresses have authority delegated them to establish regulations and procedures governing the use of College buildings and other facilities in their schools, departments or hostels as the case may be.  Students are advised to acquaint themselves with such regulations and procedures in existence in their Schools/Departments or Hostels.
  9. Only approved students’ societies shall be allowed to make use of the College facilities for fee-paying events. The fees to be paid to the College Authorities and the organization shall be charged as prescribed by the College.