Registration Requirements:

  1. A very important condition for registration is the payment of fees.  Students shall only be registered as students of the College on paying registration fee and other charges;
  2. All returning and fresh students must register at the beginning of the Semester.  Students are expected to collect registration forms in the Academic Office of the Registry and fill these in triplicate or quadruplicate.
  3. Newly admitted students can only be issued with these forms when they produce their letters of admission, while returning students must produce their identity cards for the purpose of identification;
  4. There is no refund of any fee paid if:
    1. A student voluntarily withdraws from the College;
    2. A student is sent away on disciplinary grounds;
    3. The College is closed down.

Registration Procedure

The registration of students for an academic year will be as follows:

1st Semester 1st, 2nd and 3rd week Normal registration
  4th week Late registration
2nd semester 1st, 2nd and 3rd week Normal registration
  4th week Late registration
  1. Late registration will attract a fee as may be determined by the Academic Board.
  2. The registration exercise must be completed within three weeks in the first semester and three weeks in the second semester.
  3. Any students who fail to register within the time specified above may be banned from class and from examination.
  4. At the time of registration, students may also be required to pay and register with their professional association and the Students’ union
  5. Students must register with the names they intend to use throughout the duration of the programme.  The College does not allow any change of name in the middle of a programme.  All names to be used must be correctly spelt and written in proper sequence.  The institution will not be responsible for any error arising from spelling, sequence or short forms of names.

Orientation programme

Orientation is a programme in which a new person is introduced to a new environment or working place, and shown new tools, relevant records and information of the office or place he/she is to occupy.  For students, it is a training in which they are introduced to the new College environment, such as the library, laboratories, classrooms, academic programmes and other College facilities.  This is necessary as it enhances efficient learning.

It is in view of the importance of orientation that the College organizes for her fresh students' intensive orientation programme at the beginning of each session, which takes place simultaneously with registration.  It is therefore compulsory for all fresh students.


  1. To matriculate means to admit to membership by entering ones name in the register of a College or University after having been enrolled.  All students admitted into NCE, Diploma and Degree programmes are required to matriculate.
  2. To be a bonafide student of this College, all fresh students are expected to matriculate before their entry into the academic community of the College is given due recognition.  At the matriculation ceremony, the fresh students are expected to take the matriculation oath.