Students’ Union

  1. The Students’ Union is the representative Student’s Government of the College. The objective of the Union is to serve as an effective means of training for responsible leadership and participation in all activities that are for the welfare of the College.  The general function of the Union is to foster good relationship amongst students and manage sporting, social and cultural interest and activities of its members.
  2. The Governing body of the Union is the Students Representative Assembly (SRA) and its Executive Officer is the President.
  3. Each department/school is proportionately represented on the Students Representative Assembly (SRA) and the Union elects the following Executive Members annually: President, Vice President, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Public Relation Officer, Director of Sales and Welfare, Director of Sport and Director of Socials.
  4. The Constitution of the Union provides for the office of a Senior Treasurer who is usually the Dean, Students Affairs with supervisory powers over the management of the Union’s finance. He shall be a signatory to all Union accounts.
  5. The day-to-day administration of the Union is entrusted to its officers and such committee as may be appointed by the Students’ Representative Assembly and the Provost has overriding powers over the Students’ Union Constitution. No meeting of the Congress should be held without the Provost’s knowledge.
  6. Membership of the Students’ Union is optional. To contest for an elective post in the Students Union, a candidate must be above average in his/her academic rating.  Students willing to participate in Student’s Union activities must first get clearance and register with the College authority.

Other Students’ Organizations:

  1. It is the policy of the College to encourage students who desire to organize themselves into, and join an organization that contribute to the academic, cultural, recreational and social life of the College. For this reason, the College encourages a network of student-directed clubs and societies designed to provide education outside the classroom.
  2. There are two types of officially recognized and registered student’s organizations in the College:
  3. Independent Organization: These organizations have been duly registered in accordance with the regulations. They are entitled to appropriate privileges but may not receive special services or support from the College or the Students’ Union.
  4. Affiliated Organization: These have been duly registered but are sponsored or endorsed by the College any of the academic Departments.  Their purpose and activities must be directly related to the purpose and activities of the College and may not be political or religious organization.

Conditions for College Recognition:

            As a rule, the College does not encourage or recognize any students’ organization that, in its membership, discriminates on account of race, sex or religion.  The College does not encourage ethnic students’ organizations.  Students’ organizations must meet the following conditions before being accorded recognition by the College.

  1. Bona-fide intent to pursue activities that are consistent with the educational, social functions and established policies of the College as approved by the Governing Council of the College.
  2. An intention of permanence in organization as evidence by the organic constitution, rules and regulations, statements of financial support and sources commensurate with the activities to be undertaken and the like.
  3. Evidence that none of the existing students’ organizations could meet the needs of the proposed organization.
  4. Students body interest in the organization, as evidenced by a significant number of students and staff Patron/Adviser.
  5. For this purpose, groups seeks recognition must submit the following to the Dean, Students Affairs
  6. Ten copies of proposed constitution and byelaws. The Dean, Students Affairs must be informed of any future amendments within fourteen (14) days of adoption of such amendment(s).
  7. Names, admission numbers, hall and departmental address of the officers of such organization.

iii.       Signature of full-time Senior Academic, Administrative or Technical Staff of the College who has agreed to serve as Adviser/Patron to the organization.

  1. Certificate by the Adviser/Patron that at least twenty (20) full time students will form the nucleus of the organization
  2. Statement of purpose and proposed programmes of activities
  3. Affiliation if any to outside organizations.

vii.      Statement of proposed financial support and management of fund.

viii.     Statement of sponsorship from the Head of Department if the organization is to be sponsored by a Department.

  1. Approval or disapproval of any application for recognition rests with the Provost. Students’ organizations may be dissolved or disestablished by request of the organization itself or by action of the Provost when the organization has failed to file a registration form for two consecutive Academic sessions or any violation of the College regulations and policies governing Students’ organization.  The Patron/Adviser shall, in the sharing of the organization’s assets and liabilities.

Privileges of Recognition

            Recognized, registered students’ organization is entitled to the following privileges:

  1. Recruitment of members from among the members of the College community.
  2. Use of college facilities subject to the payment of appropriate charges, if any, and in keeping with the scheduling and booking regulations and procedures governing the use of such facilities.

iii.       The use of the name of the College as part of their official titles.

  1. For affiliated organizations, applicants to the Students’ Union of the College for financial and other forms of support to specific activities and/or programmes.

Condition for Registration of Students Organization

  1. Registration of Students’ Organization must not be construed as agreed with, support of or approval by the College but only as recognition of the rights of the stipulated conditions.
  2. Only bonafide members of staff and students of the College are eligible for membership of Students’ Organizations. Other persons may be admitted to Associate Membership if the organization’s constitution so provides.
  3. All Students’ Organization must keep proper records of their finances in accordance with the guidelines laid down from time to time by the Students Welfare Committee. All funds raised by Students’ Organizations by whatever means are subject to financial accountability.
  4. Officer of Students’ Organizations are presumed to accept individual responsibilities for the planning and conduct of the activities sponsored by their organization.
  5. Affiliated Students’ Organizations may upon application, receive support including funds from the Students’ Union. The sponsoring department must assume full responsibility (along with the organization’s Officers) for the action and activities of the sponsored organization.
  6. No Students’ Organization is allowed to indicate or imply that it is acting on behalf of the College or with its approval without specific authorization by the appropriate College authority.
  7. All Students Organizations must comply with applicable regulations. Infraction of regulations by any organization may result in the loss of privilege or registration.
  8. All Students’ Organization must be registered with the Students’ Affairs Office at the beginning of each session by submitting the following information not later than the First Semester:
  9. The name(s), address of departments/hall of current officers of the organization, Patron(s) and Advisers.
  10. Names and Address (Department) Advisers/Patron who have agreed to serve the Organization.

iii.       Programme of activities for the year including dates and venues.

  1. A copy of the annual report for the proceeding year

Withdrawal of Recognition

            Recognition may be withdrawn for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to observe the administrative procedure established for recognition and continued recognition.
  2. Failure to observe the rules and regulations of the College in effect from time to time.

iii.       Failure as a group to observe the laws of Nigeria, or failure to observe the administrative requirements of decency and good morals.

Registration of Old Students:

  1. All Old Students Associations or Union must inform the Dean, Students’ Affairs in writing of their existence in the College.
  2. Notices of their meetings and other activities must be sanctioned by the Dean, Students’ Affairs

Activities Involving Guests from Off-Campus

            In keeping with the College’s traditional commitments to freedom of inquiry and the pursuit of truth, Student’s Organizations are allowed to organize activities featuring Guests Speakers of their own-choice from on or Off-Campus.  However, the College has an obligation to ensure that activities on the Campus are conducted in a manner appropriate to the Academic Community.  Where an important personality from outside the College is invited, the Dean, Students’ Affairs must be informed five days before the Guest is expected to arrive on the campus.  This is to enable the Dean; Students’ Affairs coordinate the activity with other scheduled events on the Campus, inform the Registrar where necessary and avoid unnecessary duplication and competition for audience and/or for the use of the College facilities.